Seamless payments no
matter where your
customers are.

Easy and secure payment processing solutions online, in store, at the office or on the go.


Whether you run a small shop or are a large global company, we are here to help you grow. From the right strategy to the right payment processing solution, from equipment set-up to ongoing review and support, we are by your side.

Our Approach & Services

“Our aim is to earn and grow long-lasting relationships with our clients by offering industry-leading payment solutions. We are passionate about helping businesses prudently manage their business risks and efficiently process their payments every day.”  

At Talent, we don’t let your solution impact your bottom line or your customer experience. Our job is to make sure our merchants can make the best processing decisions for their business.


We focus on understanding business needs, educating our clients and creating personalized payment strategies for every transaction their business makes.


Every business deserves a clear and transparent payment processing solution – easy to read statements, fast funding, no hidden fees or discretionary rate increases.


We provide world-class solutions to deliver access to secure technology and integrations for all of our clients no matter where their customers are.


We provide support for day-to-day operations, as well as continued analysis and valuable insights as your business grows.


We empower our clients to make the best possible payment technology decisions to achieve efficiencies and cost savings for their business.


Ensure your online store has the right payment process to conversion.

Point of Sale Systems

From POS mobile or in store to reconciliation, find the right terminal to streamline your business processes.

B2B Payment Processing

Create back-office efficiencies while enabling recurring commercial payments.

Talent Gives

Talent Merchant Services is a proud participant of Pledge 1%, a global movement creating new normal where companies of all sizes integrate giving back into their culture and values.