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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, Merchant Services or Merchant Processing is what allows a business to accept non-cash payments including credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments. More recently, the term “Merchant Services” has expanded to include tap to pay (“Near Field Communication” or NFC) and Peer-to-Peer payments (“P2P”).

Most Talent clients will have funds deposited in their account within 24-72 hours of accepting payment. It is important to receive your funds promptly; cash flow is the lifeline of businesses. We work to get you your funds in the shortest amount of time.

Every Talent client has started with 5 words: “Tell us about your business.” Most credit card processing agents want to skip this vital conversation and will jump to asking you about your credit card volumes or ask to see a statement so they can take a shortcut to pricing conversations. We understand that a Cost and Savings Assessment is an important step, its just not the first one.

The “Talent” in Talent Merchant Services refers to the people who work here. We believe our Talent is our competitive advantage. More than likely, you are working with us because someone on our Talent Team impressed you. Unlike other merchant services companies, we do not turn you over to a customer service call center after you join us. You will always have a dedicated rep who will be your first point of contact.